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Book, Music, & Lyrics by Morgan Hollingsworth

Happy Mother’s Day from Cool Beans Coffee! Our new barista, Marco, is not really in the holiday spirit. After his parents divorced and his dad passed away, Marco hasn’t been able to forgive his mother for moving on and fears that she might abandon him too. As we meet the various quirky personalities in the coffee shop – from the shop owner with the mariachi band, to the sweet elderly woman who just wants to have a conversation at the register, to the office intern on the verge of a nervous breakdown – they all try their best to convince Marco to make amends and call his mother on Mother’s Day. Through an indie/folk score within the eccentric lifestyle of coffee culture, Call Your Mother shows that, while we each have our own separate battles, we don’t have to fight them alone.


Call Your Mother was part of Chance Theater's "On The Radar" Reading series in April of 2024. 

FEATURING: Jared Machado, Analía Romero, Sarah Pierce, Gaelyn Wilkie, Alyssa Corella, Brooke Aston Harper, Shannyn Page, & Aaron McGee.

Directed by James Michael McHale

Music Direction by Gabrielle Maldonado

Dramaturgy by Jenny Jacobs

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