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Book, Music, & Lyrics by Morgan Hollingsworth

Welcome to Cool Beans Coffee!  It's a rainy Mother's Day in Astoria, NY, and despite the weather, Cool Beans Coffee, home to the greatest coffee in Queens, is bustling with customers excited about the holiday -- all except for their favorite barista, Marco, whose relationship with his mother has soured since his dad passed away.  As we meet the various, quirky personalities, from the sweet old lady who just wants to have a conversation at the register to the office intern on the verge of a nervous breakdown, they all try their best to convince Marco to make amends and call his mother on Mother's Day.  Commissioned and produced by One Million Musicals, Call Your Mother navigates the difficult journey of grief and the empathy and respect that we deserve during that journey, all through an indie/folk score within the charming and eccentric lifestyle of coffee culture.

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