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Book & Music by Morgan Hollingsworth
Lyrics based on the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, Virginia Clemm Poe, and Frances Sargent Osgood

The House of Edgar Allan Poe is a musical based on the life and work of the famous author and poet of horror. As Edgar Allan Poe grieves the inevitable death of his wife, he calls upon his past lover, the raven-esque Sarah Shelton, to help him cope with the grief. As she tries to comfort him, Poe struggles to discern his memories from his own tales of the grotesque. With a score that voices the romantic and nightmarish pangs of his poetry, the poet must come to terms with his past before he can face his inevitable future: death.

Poe received two stage readings at UC Irvine, and then in 2017 it was part of New York Musical Festival's Developmental Reading Series.  In fall of 2019, Poe received a full production at Weber State University, a theater program in Ogden, UT that fosters new work.  Weber State's production was then invited to perform at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in 2020.

Alone - Morgan Hollingsworth
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I Am Happy Now - Morgan Hollingsworth
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A Dream Within A Dream - Morgan Hollingsworth
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