Morgan Hollingsworth is a New York-based music and theater artist.  He has written music for musicals, short films, dance pieces, and his Americana band Satin Nickel, as well as his own solo singer/songwriter work.  His first musical The House of Edgar Allan Poe, which he did both music and book for, was part of New York Musical Festival’s Developmental Reading Series in 2017.  This fall it will receive a full staging as part of Weber State University’s mainstage season, and will include his original orchestrations. 

Growing up, Morgan appeared in many productions in his hometown of San Diego, including La Jolla Playhouse premieres of Aaron Sorkin’s The Farnsworth Invention and Lee Blessing’s The Scottish Play.  He started violin lessons and writing songs at the age of ten, and by fifteen he was writing and orchestrating his own musicals.  Becoming an avid fan of artists like Nickel Creek, Morgan eventually picked up the mandolin, dreaming of having his own folk band and touring the country while sharing his music. 

While attending University of California, Irvine, he enrolled in New Musicals Initiative’s Core Curriculum in North Hollywood where he met librettist Lori Ada Jaroslow.  The two of them are developing their musical Margot’s Blessing, which premiered at New Musicals Initiative, into a full length indie/rock musical that explores the process of overcoming drug addiction.  After Morgan received his BFA in Music Theater from University of California, Irvine, he moved to New York City and starred in New York Musical Festival’s 2016 mainstage production of Nickel Mines, written and directed by Andrew Palermo.  

During a New York winter, after isolating himself in his apartment to teach himself sound engineering, Morgan released a solo self-titled EP on Bandcamp on February 10th 2018, exploring the pain and grief we feel after experiencing a toxic relationship.  Around the same time, he and fellow anteater Samantha Aneson found a natural collaboration, both sharing a fondness for folk/Americana music.  They began writing and sharing songs with each other, and founded their band Satin Nickel along with drummer Nikola Balac and cellist Ariana Karp.  Satin Nickel released their first self-titled EP on May 6th 2018, and are currently developing a full album.  

In his spare time, Morgan enjoys making coffee, having nerdy conversations about guitar effects pedals, singing pop and showtunes using his Rex Harrison impression, and writing his bios in the third person.